Finding of Andelin

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Notes from 3-30
In attendance : Jon, Mykul, Kenny (via video chat) and J

We have each been individually tasked with investigating recent rumors that the now deceased Marie Anne Lavure had “the cure”.

We know that she was a Famous Voodoo Priestess. We know that Marie lived from September 10th, 1794 to June 6th, 1881 and that she had 15 children all of which are deceased as well. There are about 150 living decedents in and around Louisiana. Marie used to “sign” her name with a “XXX”, it became her symbol. Of special interest is a daughter who who had the same name.

It is St. Johns Day. We all decided to go to Marie’s Tomb and it is here that the characters actually all meet for the first time. While at the tomb we meet a Voodoo Priestess named Cecile Roux. She says that the rumor has popped up before and that people like us have looked into it before. Nobody ever finds a thing don’t waste our time. She has a shop and gives us her card. Some people are making the XXX mark on the tomb, we also notice that the tomb door looks like it has been disturbed, probably opened. Too many people here now tho, we will need to come back at another time to check it out. One guy leaves flowers but nobody thinks to tail him in time.

We all update our groups and come up with a Name, Address and Phone Number for a lead. A Mr. Claude Henry. Claude is a descendant of Marie, He is a business man, married and has 3 children. He also happens to hang out at a Brothel which is owned and operated by one of Jon’s Contacts. (its her home. Not judging. just saying.) We know that Claude has 3 favorites but that he was most recently with Candy. Candy will be back tomorrow.

Entering the tomb we find a newer very expensive necklace on the floor. It is the kind that requires winding but it is currently keeping the right time. We figure out that it is an animate. The body in the casket looks like it had the life sucked out of it. There is one kinda new looking XXX mark on the wall above where the necklace was. I try putting the necklace on the body, nothing happens other than some minor dame to the corpse. Oops. Cecile’s shop is closed so we wind up at a Jazz Club Where Jon decides to put the necklace on. In his mind he hears “Its about time you dumb-ass. I thought you morons were going to leave me there.”

The Necklace is Alice Gaillard, she was reborn 5 years ago. She was in the tomb 10 days. she died Nov. 25th, 1940. She was strangled to death with the necklace in her home. She was an executive recruiter for allied city stores a health drink company with interest in Marie’s cure. Alice tells us that Marie was legit but that her daughter had no power. At least not until her mother died and then suddenly she did. Her daughter has a website, she gives us the address.

Jon realizes that his Master, “Ducky”, may have known Marie and/or her daughter.

We find Ducky, mostly naked and surrounded by “men”. Willing feeding tubes. She tells us that Marie seemed different in the months before her death. As she weakened her daughter grew stronger. Ducky confirms that her daughter took over the business and that she adopted her mothers trademark XXX signature. Its looking like Marie possessed her daughter. But the daughter died 10 years later. She did seem to start acting strange like her mother had before her demise, but nobody seemed to step up and she was the last of the Famous Voodoo Priestesses. One possible lead is that she was very motherly towards her siblings. But in the months before her death she became a secretive, shut in. She may have known she was going to die.

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