Short, light build, well tanned and keen eyed.


Marduk was born to house Thalos. A Theran house pre-scourge that was exiled to Barsaive after a failed political gambit. Joined the Barsaivian resistance after deeming it much more profitable long term.

House Thalos is renowned for its stable of areal steeds witch it bred and sold. Boasting an areal militia of griffon riders known for their bravery and daring. It quickly gained favor with Throal as an elite escort sevice for dignitaries and airships carrying precious or ireplacable cargo. Several Moots still display Thalos griffon pelts as trophies of great honor.

Marduk now begins his own quest for wealth, fame, and adventure. With nothing more than his travel kit, wits and his loyal black griffon Goro, along with Pest his pet zoac. Our fearless hero seeks to blaze a trail of daring and glory through the skies of Barsaive and beyond!


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