Human Swordmaster: 9th Level Currently he is a Indentured Servent


Dement, or Demi, as his friends call him, is a conniving, ridicu¬lous excuse of a man. He stands just over six feet tall, with a thin, badly trimmed moustache. He has made enemies of almost everyone he has met. He expects something from everyone, but does not reciprocate at all. He likes to dress in his military uniform at all times. He has seven complete uniforms, so that he only has to wear each once before it is washed and starched stiffly, and the leather accoutrements spit shined. His goal is to completely take over the Northern Barracks, and establish a martial government with him in the Magistate seat, issuing martial law. To do this, he must first take over as the Northern Barracks Commander to get close to the Magistrates and befriend them. This man has never been married, and probably never will be, due to his unpleasant personality (Cha 8), but the man is not homely by any means. He is extremely secretive, and tends to hide everything that could possibly show what he really is.

Recently he motive to take over the Northern Barracks was found out. He lost all of his possions and is currently being auctioned off for 50,000 silver peices in the Slave Market.

His major things where Eye Ax, his pattern broad sword, a legendary shield, a threaded chainmail and Diary


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