Air Harness



Air Harness tend to be custom made items. They can be made from any material but tend to be made from leather for comfort. The harness must be strong enough to be able to support the users weight, which is why Air Harness’s for Obsidimen are very rare. The Air Harness is made by weaving elemental air into the harness. This is done for one air kernel per hundred pounds. The air harness will remain off unless the activation command is given. Once it is the wear feels like walking through water. If the user is falling which is the main use of this item the user slows and falls like a leaf. As long as the user has 10 or more feet to fall the activing of the Air Harness will slow the decent enough so no damage will be taken. Air Harness can be made for anything, but in order to activate the harness it must be touching the person giving the command. If air Harness is on someone able its weight the item will not function at all.

Cost cost of the harness and 100 silver for every hundred pound it holds.


This item was first commissioned in the city of Travar. During the first major trade expansion found many more non adepts on air ships than adepts. The richer merchants contracted with the body of five to find a way to make air travel safer for them.

Air Harness

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