Calling Stone

Set of small disks and a bigger stone


This item is sold as sets. The base unit and the calling stones. The normal set is a larger stone the size of a large apple and several smaller stone disks the size of copper piece. The smaller calling stones normally have a hole in them so they can be put on some sort of chain or rope to form a necklace.

How it works The owner makes a small inscision in their right hand, this causes two points of blood magic damage that can be healed normally. The owner then places a drop of blood both on the the base unit and thier calling stone. The two stones are now tied together. When the base unit is exposed to heat the calling disk warms up.The more heat the base unit is exposed to the warmer the The calling stone has 4 levels of warmth. The highest level of warmth will not cause damage to wearer.


These devices came about from the mind of Drimsby Air Warden. In his position as Air Warden he was constantly dealing with crews that were adventures and never in place where they said they would be. He came up with the idea as a way of alerting whole airship crews with out having to pay them a retainer.

Calling Stone

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