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Centuries ago, before the Horrors came and changed the fair face of our land forever, there was a beautiful elven settlement named Andelin deep within the woods of Barsaive north of
the Aras Sea. Andelin was formed out of the great trees of the forest and shaped from the natural stone of the cliffs and hills. The buildings were graceful and blended naturally with
their surroundings. Even members of the court at Wyrm Wood would go and visit, enjoying the beauty of the city and the hospitality of Redlif, the prince of the lands of Andelin.
Prince Redlif was reknown for his weaponcrafting skill. It was said that he could forge a blade that could pierce the heaviest plate armor just by being allowed to fall upon it. He
could craft chain mail that would be light as silk and stronger than the sturdiest dwarven crafted plate armor. Many nobles from Wyrm Wood, Shosara, and the City of Spires would
visit the court at Andelin in hope of receiving a weapon or armor as a gift from its Prince. It was said that he had no equal in his craft. Even now, centuries later, a weapon or armor
forged in Andelin by Prince Redlif is considered to be without equal.

As the time of the Scourge grew near, Queen Alachia gave her decree that none of the elven settlements would follow the Theran rituals to ward against the Horrors. As we all know,
many of the elven kingdoms defied her decree, and were cast out from the court. But Prince Redlif remained loyal to his Queen. Though he disagreed with her policy, he followed Queen
Alachia’s decree and refused any Theran aid, relying on the magical wards provided by Wyrm Wood.

Andelin was soon fortified by using the living magic of elemental wood and earth, and its protections were completed before the first of the Horrors managed to enter the forest.
Illusionists and elementalists cast various protective spells, enchantments that would confuse and bewilder anyone who entered the woods. Enchantments that would lead the unwary
away from the settlement.

Prince Redlif spent the final decades before the Scourge travelling the lands of Barsaive with his lifemate Larkspur, a warrior adept of great skill.

Now we are 100 years after the Scourge. Most of the horrors have retreated from the world. Most of Barsaive have awoken from the nightmare of the Scourge. Some have awoken basically untouched like the city state of Travar and the dwarf kingdom of Throal. Some have paid a heavy price like those elves in Blood Wood (formally Wyrm Wood). Some did not make it through. Some their fate is yet to be discovered. Andelin is one of these places. No one has yet to see it after the Scourge. Did it make it trough?

Finding of Andelin

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